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Features & Benefits

When you register with The Marketplace you receive:

A short, flexible lease

One of the greatest barriers for many retailers is the prospect of signing up for a long lease in a store of your own, potentially leaving yourself out of pocket if sales targets are not met. At The Marketplace we reduce that risk. Each of our retailers can sign up for a short six-month lease for a shop space within our building, located right in the middle of Victoria Avenue, Whanganui. From that six-month point onward, retailers can then renew their lease on a monthly basis, providing you with flexible options. This lease includes utilities, security and access to onsite amenities.

A shop fit-out

Do you have the products but no way of displaying them? Not to worry, each retailer’s space within The Marketplace will already be set up with a shop fit-out including shelving and storage. You just need to let us know the size of space you require. This means you can literally move in and set yourself up straight away!


If your retail business succeeds, we will all succeed – there is no point in The Marketplace having empty shops, right? We want to support you in your retail journey, providing business mentors appointed to meet your specific needs. You could be a fledgling business looking to get your foot in the door, or you may have had a presence elsewhere for some time and you are ready to grow. We will work with you to build your confidence and help you achieve your goals.

One payment point

Stressing about point of payment? No need. Each retailer can make a sale using our app and a BYO device. This same platform will be used by all our retailers, both in-store and online. This means you can focus on building positive relationships with your customers, without having to worry about leasing your own eftpos machine or having a cashregister to hand.

Online sales and marketing

We have online sales covered. Not only can your customers purchase in store, but they can also do so online via The Marketplace website. Your store and products will be loaded onto the website and available to purchase, providing you with a wider consumer market. We will also proactively market The Marketplace to draw in customers. We will work alongside you to complement your own marketing channels, and together we will become the dream team!

We keep our skin in the game

We will provide all these benefits to you, for a proportion of your sales profits (15%). In that way, we keep our skin in the game. If we help you grow your retail business, market it well and help you save on unnecessary costs, then we all reap the rewards.

Robert Scott, founder of The Marketplace


So how do you open a store at The Marketplace?

  1. Register your interest. Either fill out our online registration form or call Robert direct on 0274 288144. We can discuss how best to support you on your retail journey.
  2. Sign up for a six-month lease. Book your retail spot with us and take advantage of our range of benefits.
  3. Participate in our mentoring programme. Meet with your designated mentor, identify any support you need and listen to their advice to successfully grow your retail business. 
  4. Set up shop! Your shop space will be fitted-out so all you need to do is unload your products and put them on display.
  5. Come with a great attitude and a smile on your dial! The Marketplace is a collaborative space, so we are all working together to achieve mutual success. Bring a can-do attitude and we are already halfway there!